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Literature Links:

  The Alphabet of Manliness, by Maddox.  I helped illustrate this thing!  Buy it!

  I do a strip in Following Cerebus called "Thou Good and Faithful Cerebite," using my Constitution Bar and Grill characters.  So far it's appeared in issues 4,6,7, and 8.

 I work for these guys.  They're pretty cool.  Visit the store in Round Rock, Texas, and watch me shuffle around putting books on shelves.

Artistic Links:

~Sweet Comics~, without whom Sun Comics is nothing.

 The Maze of Death!  Home of Irritability.

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia.  Extraordinarily useful cartoon encyclopedia.

~Enemy Comics~

 The Worthy Opposition:  Tom the Dancing Bug.

    The Not-As-Worthy Opposition:  This Modern World.

 A useless fat old baby with poopy diapers:  Doonesbury.


~Music~ Phat nerdtacular beats, yo.

 Nelly McKay.  


Political Links:

 Andrew Sullivan.  Indispensable.

 Marc Steyn.  The Man.

 Little Green Footballs.  War on Terror Online.


Cultural Links:


 The Best Page in the Universe.


 That's what I call REAL Ultimate Power.


  Lileks.  All Hail Lileks.

 Sloggi!  Dutch underwear.  Hot ads.



Bashful Bryan's Skittish Sketchbook
The 24 Hour Comic Adventures of F. France Jericho