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(added 8-1-07:) Here's a pen-and-ink drawing from eighty or more years ago, by my great-uncle Cecil Vernia.  It's the only piece of his art I have, but it's interesting to me that our styles are not entirely different.

The Austin Sketch Squad's most recent challenge:  Present your version of any characters from the world of Oz!  I drew Private Files, the lone private in an army of majors, colonels, and generals.  And my wife, Selah, brings you this lovely rendition of Ozma herself!

Lur of Space Arabia

Here's some characters from my parody of Infocom's "A Mind Forever Voyaging," which appeared in one of my F. France Jericho 24 Hour Comics...

Commander Christopher Tell

Senator Fritz Franking


A cybernetic gorilla

George W. Bush presents...

Etta Raven (the ten-year-old space pirate) versus Nick Peace




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